Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Research: URS provides funding for students to complete 120 hours of research under the mentorship of a faculty member. Students can work with any faculty at the University of Minnesota and do not have to work with someone in their major or even their college.

Depending on the academic discipline and faculty mentor, students can join an already established research project or create their own project. Students set their own timeline for completing their projects, although most complete their URS in a semester or over the summer. 

Mentorship: Students work closely with faculty mentors throughout their undergraduate research experience and beyond. URS is a win-win. Students gain valuable connections and skills. Faculty are provided with talented undergraduates to mentor and for assistance on their research. 

Presentations: At the conclusion of the program, each student who received a URS award must publicly present their research. From the Annual Research Symposium to publishing work in MURAJ, URS students have countless opportunities to share their work. 

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